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Caulk is designed to seal joints or cracks, and to protect them from water, dust, insects, air, and noise. Caulking can also be done for appearance values. For optimum performance caulking must maintain good adhesion to both sides of the joint. It must also be able to flex with the joint when movement occurs.   

*Sealants are used to seal joints that move, and adhesives are used to prevent joints from moving.


For the best results on a retro caulking project such as; masonry control joints, stone to stone joints, precast to precast joints, and concrete joints, the removal of "ALL" existing caulking is fundamental. The removal of all existing caulking should include the film left on the edges of the joint. A leading cause of failures in retro projects is caulking over some form of the existing caulk. This procedure is even more important if you are removing a urethane or acrylic and installing a silicone. Some caulking manufacturers allow partial removal of existing caulks by using a primer before installing the new caulk. We have found numerous cases where this system has failed. Complete removal of the existing caulk reduces the potential for shoddy workmanship. For optimum performance control joints require two sided adhesion. The proper installation of a backing rod or bond breaker tape creates the proper two sided adhesion. Caulking without the proper backing would create three sided adhesion and is destined to fail. 

In a retro project the size of the control joint as compared to movement must also be considered for optimum performance. Joint size should be at least four times its maximum anticipated movement. 

Here at R.J. Jacques we understand the purpose of caulking and sealants. We also maintain a high level of experience and professionalism. Whether we are working on an new caulking project, or an existing one, our attention to detail ensures project satisfaction. With the proper maintenance these caulking projects can last for many years.


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